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Headed to Austin for RailsConf 2012

- St. Augustine

I will be attending RailsConf this year, along with some of my fellow rocketeers.

RailsConf and BohConf were a great time last year, and I was glad to visit my hometown of Baltimore, MD.

Last year’s highlights:

  • Baltimore!
  • Much free food, beer, good conversations at BohConf
  • Drinking with @ryanbigg
  • Eating at Fogo de Chao
  • Mugshots by Jeff Casimir (thanks!)
  • Shenanigans
  • Real Maryland crab feast with friends
  • Walking the Inner Harbor in the pouring rain
  • Paul Elliott’s many interviews with some great Rubyists

I’ve never been to Austin, nor Texas in general, so I’m very excited to go this time.

If you see me there, say hello and I’ll give you some Hashrocket stickers!